A missive has arrived!

Mister Mayor!

You have been tasked with colonizing this here land. You will need to build an agricultural estate to feed the imperial capital. Migrants will arrive to farm your fields so make sure that you house them proper. Once they have arrived build some fields so they can generate more food stuffs for the palace. Now for you new mayors, I will explain in detail how this works. Come hither.

How to Play:

At the start of the game you will only have one building, the manor. Once placed you will get 3 tiles  underneath the green bar. To the right you will have a brown leathery button. This is where the other tiles will be until the green bar is filled and your hand is shuffled and you get 3 new tiles.


This is your mansion and must be placed first. You will have more tiles, but they are being worked on in the builders guild.

Fields which are defined by yellow crop lines. Must be connected to hovels.

Hovels will house serfs coming to you to the interior. Must be connected to another tile type. Only housed serfs will be able to work the fields.

To place a tile you will need to click on the tile then place it on the map. 

Terrain Tiles

You can not place on mountains, which are the light white with a border. 

Grass gives fields a bonus of +2 resources. Normally you will get +1 resources.

Imperial Taxes

Every 20 seconds the Imperial Court will request resources to feed the growing interior. You will be able to see the amount due after each tax collection phase. As a gift the council will except you for your first tax period.

Tile Creation

 When you run out of tiles you will need to create more from the builders guild to the bottom right. Cost for a new tile is 3 resources and can be purchased by clicking on the brown tile on the bottom right. 

Migrants are needed to farm the fields. Watch for their arrival in the log, which is located in the lower left.

Resource Manager

You can keep tabs on all your resources in the top left. You have available housing, housed serfs, homeless serfs, and how many resources you have. You use resources to get more tiles into your deck and to pay the Imperial Court.

Good luck, 

Markus of Turth


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